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Royal Palace Museum

First of all let me say it: “Royal Palace is my favorite Museum in Genoa!” Everything you see is a masterpiece: paintings, frescoes, statues, furnishings, walls, terrace mosaic, even the view! A bit of history The original owner of [...]

Ilaria Paderi

San Lorenzo Cathedral

First of all let me say that San Lorenzo Cathedral is the most important place of worship in Genoa. History of San Lorenzo Cathedral It became a Cathedral from the ninth century, replacing the Basilica of the Twelve Apostles [...]

Ilaria Paderi

The history of Rolli

Maybe you’ve heard about Rolli days. It’s a weekend when Palaces open their door to visitors for free. It’ planned twice a year and it’s amazing! What’s Rolli? The word “Rolli” comes from roll, a document written by the [...]

Ilaria Paderi

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