First of all let me say it: “Royal Palace is my favorite Museum in Genoa!”

Everything you see is a masterpiece: paintings, frescoes, statues, furnishings, walls, terrace mosaic, even the view!

Rear facade view from the Garden

A bit of history

The original owner of this aristocratic palace (the central part) was Stefano Balbi who sold it in 1679 to Eugenio Durazzo. With him the Palace started a new fundamental phase of extension with the construction of the eastern side and the inner theatre. The existing rooms and facade were renovated with extraordinary Baroque decorations. Also, we have to thank the Durazzo family for the small but astonishing Gallery of Mirrors, that follows the example of Versailles.

Gallery of mirrors, where you don’t feel alone even when you are 😉

Afterwards during an economic crisis the Durazzo’s family had to sold the palace. Firstly Napoleone Bonaparte wanted to bought it, but in 1824 it passed to Carlo Felice, the king of Sardegna. So finally the Palace became “Royal”. A new cycle of modifications were taken especially in the usage of existing spaces. Nowadays you can visit the original King and Queen bedrooms as they left the Palace.

The Savoia family built the Royal Bridge to connect the Palace to the Darsena. Unfortunately this passageway has been demolished for good in the sixties (to build the raised road).

Today Royal Palace belongs to Italian Government and it’s administrated by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT).

The Museum: Interiors

In 1922 the Council opened the second floor to the public. Visitors discovered the Palace wonderful rooms, these are my favorites:

  • Battle Saloon, with two navel’s battle painting;
  • Time Hall, with the fresco of “the truth revealed by the time”a work of Domenico Parodi;
  • Peace Livingroom, with a copy of Veronese “the dinner of Jesus to Simone’s (the pharisee) house”, one of his most important paintings;
  • Gallery of Mirrors, maybe the most known room. Unfortunately it’s closed for restoration until March 2023 (approx);
  • Throne Room;
  • Royal bedrooms;
  • Chapel.

Stuccos and frescoes enrich wall and ceiling decorations. Prominent Genoese artists from the XVI century worked on the decorations of the Palace. For this reason Royal Palace represents one of the finest example of the Genoese Baroque art.


Royal Palace keeps an important collection of oil paintings ordered by the different owners of palace during almost three centuries.

Among the more than 100 paintings, we can recognise Anton Van Dick with the “Crucifixion” and some noble portrait, Tintoretto, Guercino, Luca Giordano, Bernardo Strozzi, Ferdinand Voet.

Clocks collection

In addition to decorations and paintings you can find a lot of shelf clocks, lacquered in gold and with pagan subjects represented. Every room has got at least one clock because the Balbi family was obsessed with the transience of life. After the plague pandemic everyone was sensitive about time. Does this sound familiar?

Temporary exhibitions

The ex theatre completely demolished after bombing and re built as exhibition room offers its space for temporary collections. What’s on now: Genova 60, until the 31st of July. Visit the official website for details.

Visit Royal Palace Museum

You can visit Royal Palace Museum from wednesday to saturday 1,30pm-7pm.

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Entrance to Royal Palace is in Via Balbi 10, Genoa 16126

Good to know

Most important Royal Palace is one of the extraordinary palace you can visit for free during Rolli Days (to know more). Next Rolli Days: from 14 to 16 of October 2022, save the date!