Genoa oldest shops, this is a Top 4.

4. Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano, 1814

The Italian oldest artisanal confectioner is in Genoa!

This magnificent shop in Soziglia looks like an extraordinary museum: frescoes on the ceiling, decorated wooden moldings on display cabinets. When you enter there you get thrown into the past.

Romanengo family produces candied fruits (and flowers too!), jams, but also chocolate and pralines, confetti, patisserie, fondant sweets with Rosolio, and a lot more… They still follow the original recipe using only the finest natural ingredients.

The Soziglia shop is available for tasting tours, on reservation only.

Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano, via Soziglia 74R

Mon-Sat 10-19

3. Macelleria Nico, 1790

It seems impossible (to me) but even a butcher shop can be exquisite. Especially when this workspace is completely made in wonderful white Carrara marble. Not only white walls but also decorated Carrara marble counter invite you to enter in this small shop nearby Piazza Soziglia. The counter is really a masterpiece with Garibaldi, Mazzini, Bixio faces carved in it! You’d better see it!

Macelleria Nico, via Macelli di Soziglia 8

Mon-Sat 8-13, 15,30-19,30 – Wed only 8-13

2. Pasticceria Liquoreria Marescotti di Cavo, 1780 (Original name Cioccolateria Cassottana)

One of my favorite place for having breakfast in city centre. I’m just sitting here, tasting some delicious pastry with a cappuccino, pretending I’m a rich artist of the last century.

Cioccolateria Cassottana started as chocolate shop, then in 1906 the new owners, the Marescotti family, from Piedmont, decided to change the name in Pasticceria Liquoreria Marescotti. They used to offer genoese+piedmont patisserie and artisanal distilled spirits. Unfortunately this shop has been closed for 30 years after the death of Irma Marescotti (1979) until Alessandro Cavo took over it in 2008. Alessandro Cavo, coming from another long tradition patisserie family brings back one of the oldest shops in Genoa to its original splendor.

Try the famous Amaretti di Voltaggio from the original Cavo recipe, one century old!

Pasticceria Liquoreria Marescotti di Cavo, via di Fossatello 35-37R

Tue-Sun 7,30-20

1. Antica Farmacia Sant’anna, 1650

And finally the oldest shop in Genoa! It is the Old Pharmacy of Sant’Anna. You can find it inside the Monastery of Discalced Carmelite Friars located in Piazza Sant’Anna. The Friars still work on the herbal remedies combining centennial monastic recipes with modern laboratory and regulation rules.

Connected to the city centre by the public funicular (Portello-Bertani is the line, Sant’Anna is the stop of course) this tiny and peaceful place is well worth a visit! Keep an eye on their website as they often do guided tour of the facilities!

Antica Farmacia Sant’Anna, piazza Sant’Anna 8 Genova 16125

Mon-Fri 8,30-12,30 + 15,45-19

Sat 8,30-12,30