Galata Museum – Darsena, Genoa

Galata Museum is the largest Maritime Museum of the Mediterranean, and it is located in the Darsena, a very busy area of the Port in the past. On the contrary today Darsena is a calm promenade. Here you can enjoy a cafe and buy seasonal fish just landed by local fishermen. You will see a glass structure on blue steel poles: this is the one and only Genoa fish market, go there if you want the best fish in town. If you come in Genoa in July be sure to attend the Fish and DJs every Friday 6pm-12am. These are events where you can dance electronic music or chill with your friends, a fresh beer and a fried fish cone.

But let’s come back to the main subject: the Galata Museum. This museum is important because Genoa is deeply linked to its sea. Unquestionably the sea has always led to economic growth and ideological, natural and personal exchanges. Genoa has still today one of the biggest Ports of Italy and it basically represents the southern door to Europe.

Inside the Galata Museum

Galata Museum will show you six centuries of life on the sea through reconstructions, simulators, and interactive stations.

First of all at the entrance of the Galata, a real lighthouse, 10 meters high, will welcome you.

Then you can experience the amazing reconstruction of a wooden Genoese Galley ready to be launched.

You don’t need to know how to steer a ship to love the Globes room, plenty of historic atlases of great value created between the 16th and 18th centuries.

Or maybe you are a fan of Virtual Reality and you prefer to experience a thrilling journey on a stormy sea.

Also you will find an interesting exhibition dedicated to contemporary immigration in Italy.

In addition to that Shipowners Hall will blown you away. Here a short video:

Following the exhibition about Andrea Doria the Oceanic cruise ship and the Coeclerici Art Collection you will reach the Mirador Terrace with the breathtaking city view. Relax and enjoy it!

The adventure in submarine

The flagship is located on the open air dock: the submarine Nazario Sauro.

Built by Fincantieri for the Italian Navy in 1976 and abandoned in 2002, the Nazario Sauro S518 is today the only Italian submarine you can visit in the sea.

Inside, you can live an exciting experience between crew voices, engines, sonar, radar and the sound of torpedo launchers. In the summer of 2022 it was restored thanks to an operation of great delicacy and importance.

The history of the sea of Genoa and beyond. A fascinating and never-ending journey

The tour of the Galata Museum passes through very evocative places: thanks to models, nautical and medieval maps, paintings, onboard instruments and images it’s really possible to discover the history of the sea.

And many are yet to be discovered… There are no reasons not to get on board.

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