The paths of the Finale area, excursions or a simple walk in Finale Ligure make your holiday a real panacea! Energy that multiplies at every step, Finale offers incredible hiking itineraries along the sea or even at high altitudes. Liguria is also the most suitable destination for a trekking and nature holiday in its wildest state!

There are many very pleasant itineraries in the winter months, but there are also proposals for the warmer periods where the majestic beech trees of our forests offer shade and coolness.

Relax and listen to nature with forest bathing, walk overlooking the sea or climb to the top of Monte Carmo, the highest peak in the area.

Finale Ligure and the Finale area have been inhabited by man for over 34,000 years and here you can discover archaeological sites of international importance with the archaeologists of MUDIF – the Widespread Museum of Finale, during an Archeotrekking.

Are you an hiking lover?

In Finale region step by step from the sea to the mountains: excursions are enchanting between the sea and the mountains, where emotions are amplified. Start from the coast of Spotorno, Noli, Varigotti, Finale Ligure, Pietra Ligure, until you reach the plateaus of Finalese, the heights of Monte Mao, Colle del Melogno and Monte Carmo.

A truly unique mix of landscapes, vegetation and panoramas: have you ever walked among olive trees overlooking the sea in a centenary beech forest or next to imposing limestone walls? 

If you love history, your excursion here can be a journey into the past to discover important archaeological sites or discovering many caves in the area, including the Arma delle Manie and the Grotta dell’Edera.

Finale Ligure, the Mecca of mountain biking!

It’s a real destination for many bikers around the world!

Thirty years ago the pioneers “foresti” (come from outside in local dialect!) and the passionate bikers “local” met by bike on the natural paths of the highlands and the first trailbuilders began in the late 90s to work in the hinterland, allowing the Final region to become what it is.

Since then the Finalese has seen the evolution of a sport in all its disciplines: from cross country to freeride, through enduro and MTB pedal assist. Today the bike trails of the Final Outdoor Region are the most popular destination for thousands of athletes and enthusiasts from around the world.