In this post we are going to talk about the Genoa main train stations.

The city center is developed between Genova Piazza Principe and Genova Brignole train stations.

Choose Genova Piazza Principe if you want to visit the old town, the Acquarium, the Rollis and the main museums.
5 minutes walking you can find the FLIXBUS station connected to a lot of amazing Italian and European destinations.

Genova Piazza Principe is the train station you have to choose if you have booked Essential, Panoramic, Secret, Sunset Genoa Photo Tours as they all start at 5 minutes from it!

Choose Genova Brignole if you want to visit Piazza della Vittoria, Ponte Monumentale while shopping in via XX Settembre! In Piazza della Vittoria you can find ATP bus station connected to the main internal and eastern destinations of Liguria.

Piazza Principe and Brignole are the Genoa main train stations but there are other important stations you should know.

Genova Sestri Ponente/Aeroporto is the train station near the airport (5 minutes with the trasfer).

Map Genoa city center