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Who is behind Genoa Photo Tours

I’m Ilaria Paderi a Genoa based photographer and founder of Genoa Photo Tours and Visual Garden, the photography studio in one of the tiniest and astonishing piazzas of Genoa: Piazza dei Truogoli di Santa Brigida. 

What I do

Genoa Photo Tours.

Portrait and creative Photography for artists and dog photography, weddings and photography classes.

Why Photography

I love photography because it can be a memory, an emotion, an investigation, a piece of art. 

Favorite Photographers

Portrait photographers:

Diane Arbus, Sally Mann, Robert Mapplethorpe, Annie Leibovitz, Albert Watson.

Landscape photographers:

Luigi Ghirri, Franco Fontana, Michael Kenna.

Not only Photography

I am interested in art, nature, books, movies, music, food (you know Italians are obsessed with that! ;-P), dogs.

I love traveling and meet new friends everywhere!

In other words, authentic life!

I’m involved in different networks of dreamers who are trying to do their part in changing things.

Where the idea of Genoa Photo Tours comes from

Firstly I often travel alone, and I love exploring new places around the globe but sometimes I don’t have enough time to visit everything I want. Sometimes I don’t even know what I want to see and photograph because I don’t know the place in depth. I would need more time to study or a local guide, but not a touristic guide…. I would need a visual guide to help me discovering the best views that a place can offer to take home extraordinary pictures!

Secondly I’m very passionate about my job and everything related to photography, sharing tips and tricks is amazing. I started to teach photography and I share and learn something new everyday! 

Thirdly I’m deeply connected to my city and I want to see more travelers in Genoa. I know this city is not so famous in the world, everyone knows Rome, Venice, Naples, Milan, Portofino and Cinque Terre (Portofino is just 45 km from Genoa center and Cinque Terre 70 Km) but this city has a lot of hidden beauty and you need help from a local to discover what to see in Genoa.

Moreover I spent one sabbatical year in Brighton, UK in the 2018 and when I had to come back in Italy I was so sorry not to speak and think in english anymore (so I had to create a job where I could involve this language!).

As a result of these ingredients Genoa Photo Tours is born!


Hey! I’m glad to announce that Genoa Photo Tours has been recently certified by QualityMade!

Our shared values:

➊ Travel changes people, people you meet change your travel.

➋ Your experience shapes our identity.

➌ Resources on the planet are limited, we try to do our part in order to protect them.

➍ Sustainability is a journey: we believe in the power of small daily gestures.

➎ Quality, Passion and the Idea of Future are our strenght. “How” makes a difference.

Genoa Photo Tours

We offer Photo Tours, friendly photography workshops for everyone.


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